Task Based HVACR Preventive Maintenance

Enerlon’s task based preventive maintenance system provides an engineered solution for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of equipment service procedures. Individual maintenance checklists are generated and completed for each piece of equipment covered in the service agreement.

Specific service tasks are assigned according to equipment type, usage, and condition. Task checklists are computer generated monthly and performed at seasonal intervals appropriate with operational modes. For example, the package unit cooling service would be performed in spring months and heating service performed during fall weather. Service that requires equipment downtime is minimized during extreme conditions such as mid summer or winter.

Equipment hard-copy service records are kept and made available for customer inspection and are used to identify potential operating issue trends. Because our maintenance system is software based, modifications, additions, and custom reports are easily implemented. The system can also be licensed and hosted on-site to generate maintenance tasks for customer in-house personnel.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintenance procedures are specific for each piece of equipment according to type and usage.
  • Maintenance tasks are performed according to seasonal usage.
  • Each task requires a checklist to be completed by the service technician for each piece of equipment
  • Records are kept detailing maintenance history for each piece of equipment
  • Task checklists include notes from previous service to provide technicians with maintenance reminders
  • Last PM date and service technician are identified on each task checklist
  • Potential operational issues are easily identified from trend analysis resulting in fewer equipment failures.
  • Past-due reports ensure prompt completion
  • Maintenance consumables are included with checklists such as belt and filter sizes
  • Can be used for custom applications that require task checklists generated at specific monthly intervals.
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