LonWorks Integration 101

LonWorks Integration 101

Course number 101

The objective of this 2 1/2 day introductory training course is to provide a high level instruction that exposes attendees to the basic concepts, benefits, tools, and training paths related to LonWorks technology. Methods of instruction include presentation of concepts using powerpoint slides, interactive discussion, and hands on lab exercises. Instructor led demonstrations will illustrate key points using case studies and network management tool functionality. On the final day an integration workshop exercise will further reinforce learning through applying the concepts in real world building controls applications  

Course Objectives

* Explore LonWorks technology concepts
* Create simple network design
* Select network architectures and components
* Select and install infrastructure components
* Select and install network control devices
* Configure a remote IP network interface
* Commission network devices and connect network variables
* Use plug-ins to adjust configuration properties
* Use a protocol analyzer to verify network channel health
* Test network devices and describe error statistics
* Commission and configure an iLon100
* Create schedule and data log applications
* Create a web based user interface
* Network maintenance
* Replace devices
* Back up/restore network design

Who should attend

End users, specifying individuals, installers, maintenance personnel, and anyone new to LonWorks technology. Attendees should be familiar with Windows operating systems and building automation concepts

A 10% discount will be applied in the Shopping Cart for companies that send more than 1 student to the class.

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