A LON time ago in a LAN far away……..

In 1988 a small research company in Palo Alto, California developed a revolutionary intelligent based control technology that has since become a world-wide standard for networking everyday devices.  A Local Operating Network (LON) is a collection of smart control devices which share information directly with each other using a standard communication protocol ANSI 709.1 – also known as the LonWorks technology platform.

LonWorks technology is used by thousands of manufacturers throughout the globe in over 100 million devices across a wide variety of industries. Within building automation systems, LonWorks devices perform energy metering, HVACR, lighting controls, security, and life safety applications.

Interoperability is the key feature of the LonWorks technology that allows the integration of all the various subsystems in a building resulting in lower installation costs, lower energy costs and higher levels of comfort, safety, and security.

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