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Enerlon Building Automation Training

training Enerlon Building Automation Training  

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An Energy Source



6464-EnergyStar-Case An Energy Source

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Santa Clarita is Benchmarking Buildings

scv-streetlight Santa Clarita is Benchmarking Buildings Benchmarking is a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed. Often its purpose is to motivate people to strive toward that goal. When organizations want to improve their performance, they benchmark. That is, they compare and measure their policies, practices, philosophies, and performance measures against those of high-performing organizations. In today’s world, the power of benchmarking is demonstrating an effective influence for promoting energy efficiency innovation.  Considering that the cost and consumption of ‘Energy’ resources is continually rising, it makes good ‘cents’ for placing a high value on ‘Energy Efficiency’.

Dr. W. Edward Deming a well-known business consultant once quoted ” You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Yet, in most commercial buildings, energy use is only measured at the end of the month when the utility bill arrives.  However, by leveraging today’s Internet connectivity a building owner can become aware of real time energy usage costs. This awareness alone has proven to significantly reduce energy costs and consumption by providing managers with trended data that exposes wasted energy. Energy use connectivity also allows buildings to communicate to the managers via email and text messaging when critical systems are malfunctioning or continuously running while not is use. The payoff is energy savings and increased building performance.

Enerlon is an ENERGY STAR Program partner and is offering a free service to assist customers with the DOE sponsored benchmarking process that compares their buildings to similar buildings across the US.  Enerlon is a CA licensed electrical/HVAC contractor based in Santa Clarita serving the greater Los Angeles area.

The City of Santa Clarita is one of 7 southern California municipalities participating with the CEP (Community Energy Partnership) in a collaborative effort that includes Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Co, and the Energy Coalition. The mission of CEP, is to deliver effective energy efficiency programs that forge positive relationships, motivate communities to reduce environmental impacts, and promote sustainable cities. Laurel Rothschild, is the Program Manager for The Energy Coalition, the non profit organization that facilitates the CEP and works directly with city sustainability planners. One of her main goals is to encourage benchmarking for municipal buildings. “It’s a pleasure working with Heather Merenda, who is very dedicated as the Sustainability Planner for the city of Santa Clarita.” says Rothschild, ” The Energy Coalition is providing training for using the Energy Star, Portfolio Manager”. “We also help them to get a handle on their own buildings so they can become aware of how they are using energy and what they can do for improvements.”

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Capital Free Energy Efficiency Financing

A capital free finance plan is available to qualifying commercial customers.  In this plan we as the energy service contractor will install, maintain, and monitor an integrated energy management system at your facility at no cost to you.  We derive our sole compensation from a percentage of actual energy cost avoidances realized due to the implementation of our system.

Typically, shared savings is 50% for 5 years.  All equipment and fixtures installed remain property of Enerlon until the expiration of the agreement.  At that time these items would pass to the customer free of charge.

An energy audit of your facility will enable us to identify potential areas of energy savings and allow us to design an energy management system specific to your unique facility.  Areas of indoor air quality, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting have special attention paid to the operating efficiency.
Regularly scheduled maintenance of the control system is included and the customer is provided monthly reports documenting the cost avoidance realized as a result of becoming energy efficient. Also included is a web browser based user interface allowing remote monitoring and control of facility energy usage and environmental conditions.


Qualifying for the shared savings program depends on the following criteria:

  • Performance by Enerlon Inc. of an in depth study of current facility energy   use and historical energy consumption. (There is no cost for this service)
  • Total utility expenses (water, electricity, and natural gas) average more than     $1000.00 per month
  • Acceptable ratings from Equifax or Experian credit agencies
  • Customer must have been an owner or occupant of facility for at least five years

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Task Based HVACR Preventive Maintenance

Enerlon’s task based preventive maintenance system provides an engineered solution for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of equipment service procedures. Individual maintenance checklists are generated and completed for each piece of equipment covered in the service agreement.

Specific service tasks are assigned according to equipment type, usage, and condition. Task checklists are computer generated monthly and performed at seasonal intervals appropriate with operational modes. For example, the package unit cooling service would be performed in spring months and heating service performed during fall weather. Service that requires equipment downtime is minimized during extreme conditions such as mid summer or winter.

Equipment hard-copy service records are kept and made available for customer inspection and are used to identify potential operating issue trends. Because our maintenance system is software based, modifications, additions, and custom reports are easily implemented. The system can also be licensed and hosted on-site to generate maintenance tasks for customer in-house personnel.

Features and Benefits

  • Maintenance procedures are specific for each piece of equipment according to type and usage.
  • Maintenance tasks are performed according to seasonal usage.
  • Each task requires a checklist to be completed by the service technician for each piece of equipment
  • Records are kept detailing maintenance history for each piece of equipment
  • Task checklists include notes from previous service to provide technicians with maintenance reminders
  • Last PM date and service technician are identified on each task checklist
  • Potential operational issues are easily identified from trend analysis resulting in fewer equipment failures.
  • Past-due reports ensure prompt completion
  • Maintenance consumables are included with checklists such as belt and filter sizes
  • Can be used for custom applications that require task checklists generated at specific monthly intervals.
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Energy Star Partner

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Energy Management

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Commercial Services

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Welcome to Enerlon!



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