Biology, Evolution and Conservation of River Dolphins Within by Manuel Ruiz-garcia, Joseph Mark Shostell PDF

By Manuel Ruiz-garcia, Joseph Mark Shostell

ISBN-10: 1611224365

ISBN-13: 9781611224368

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As mentioned previously, although this species of river dolphin has a wide distribution range, and is probably the least threatened of the strict river dolphins, it is never-the-less still threatened by several anthropogenic activities. Here are two brief field accounts by RuizGarcía‘s research team that attest to these threats. In October 2003, they obtained three decomposed carcasses of Inia geoffrensis at the Javarí River in the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon frontier. The animals, three large males, were partially eaten by ―mota‖ and had been deposited in the Peruvian bank of this river by Brazilian ―colonos‖ fishermen.

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Biology, Evolution and Conservation of River Dolphins Within South America and Asia by Manuel Ruiz-garcia, Joseph Mark Shostell

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