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By Rick Minter

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ISBN-13: 9781849951951

The writer takes the reader into the area of massive cats in Britain, delivering an in-depth dialogue of people's responses to having vast cats of their midst, and provides the most matters concerning the emotive topic of huge cats residing wild in Britatin.


offers the most matters concerning the emotive topic of massive cats residing wild in Britain. An in-depth dialogue of the way humans reply to having vast cats of their midst. Takes the reader into the realm Read more...

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Frank Tunbridge was once invited to check a ‘lynx’ that had arrived at a lady’s remote mobile home, enjoying the food being offered at the back door. She insisted it was a lynx – it matched a photo she’d seen in the newspaper. Frank reluctantly made a 90-minute drive just in case but, sure enough, he arrived to meet a cat with a normal-length tail and no tufted ears. A Bengal cat was lying in the lady’s arms. From Maine Coons to Bengals – and a new one coming our way, the savannah cat – some people have no experience of designer cats and are easily misled.

It was an unforgettable experience, and I have no regrets about missing any photos – the memory of the sighting was a reward in itself. Chris Johnston’s illustration of the large black cat with a white blaze that he witnessed in Cumbria. An eyewitness who did have a camera phone to hand, but who failed to record what he was watching, was Daniel Elliott, an experienced observer of wildlife who spends his life in the outdoors, managing fisheries. He has no regrets about missing recording the animal and is under no illusions about the tough task of filming a big cat in the wild, given all the factors which come into play at the time, as he recalls below: My second big cat sighting was near Rendcomb in Gloucestershire in August 2008, and I did have a camera phone to hand.

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