Download PDF by Troy Denning: Beyond the High Road (Forgotten Realms: The Cormyr Saga,

By Troy Denning

The seer Alaundo prophesied that seven scourges could sweep Cormyr approach in smash. for hundreds of years the royal relations has stood watch opposed to that day and dedicated their lives to the safety of the realm.

But in a time whilst their historic guardians shut eye and their such a lot unswerving servants disappear, whilst a bad evil prepares to brush down upon their domestic --

Who will shield the royal family?

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The man at the entrance barked. "The wonders of the world for a ducre or a lorinl" The man stepped up to the entrance and slipped two huge fingers into the tight purse that hung at his waist. Clenching his jaw, he pulled out a clutch of seven ducres, dwarfed by his pudgy fingertips. He held them up toward the hawker and glared. " "Ducre and a lorin, please, Dominick," the hawker reminded. "Look," the man said, leaning threateningly over the basket of coins, "you let us in on this. I come here all the time, pay good money inside, too.

I suppose I always have. " Marie's lips drew into a thin, grim line. " She motioned for him to follow her. " The open-air carriage labored over the pitch black heath. The sky above it was clogged with thick clouds, which blotted out the stars and hung with tangible weight over the blasted ground. Only the fender lanterns shed any light on the heath road, casting angular shadows beneath the puffing horses. The phaeton had left the glow and clamor of the carnival behind, and the lamps of I'Morai valley were still five miles away.

Reaching the opposite side of the walkway, Morcastle stepped up on a broken crate, lifted his head above the crowd, and gazed down the boardwalk. There, in the river of patrons, lay a long, wide gap, like the wake of a boat. Squinting, Morcastle looked to the head of the gap. Dominick was there. The muscles of his shirtless back pumped as he ran, and the crescent knife wound from his shoulder to his hip showed red with the exertion. Morcastle opened his mouth to shout, but his breath caught short.

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