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By Martin Heidegger

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A revised translation of Heidegger's most crucial work.

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What those demands are can be circumscribed in a general way by referring to our best practices of cogent reasoning and argumentation or to principles of reasonableness that would be recognized by “sensible people at large . . as being appropriate in the circumstances” (Rescher, 1997, p. 45). Rescher makes the interesting point that these practices and standards are always embedded in the “thought-framework” that “we actually accept” (Rescher, 1997, p. 59). We have no other way of assessing competing truth claims than “to do so from the perspective of our own cognitive posture – our own cognitive position and point of view” (Rescher, 1997, p.

The concept of interpretation-free information would in any case seem to be illogical. Their reference to “reality” is not conjectural but semiotic. 54 The world is always seen under a certain interpretation, and there is no reality that exists independently of being experienced in a certain way. This may seem tautological, since the world of experience is always experienced in a certain way. However, the point is that the notion of a transcendent reality beyond all interpretation is thereby excluded, since it is strictly speaking an empty thought.

169. Lenk maintains that objectivity is a legitimate concept, but that it is dependent on our interpretive framework (cf. Lenk, 1995, p. 246f). 78 Cf. Abel, 2004, pp. 150, 168. 79 Cf. Abel, 1995, p. 274. As he puts it elsewhere, “What ontology one has is a matter of the system of language, thought and, generally, of the system of signs and the system of interpretation that is being used as well as the ontological commitments that are bound up with them” (Abel, 2004, p. 242). 80 Cf. Abel, 2004, pp.

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