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By H. Dabashi

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What does it suggest to be a Muslim - during this international, during this deeply transformative time? Hamid Dabashi means that the transition to a replaced, post-Western international calls for the crafting of a brand new language of severe dialog with Islam and its cosmopolitan historical past - a language that's tuned to the rising, now not the disappearing, global

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They just eat food. ” What is a hermeneutics of alterity? To question the validity of the terms “secularism” or “Islamic societies” is, first and foremost, to break the false binary, and then to work toward a testing ground for a theoretical proposition that in a very preliminary way one might call a hermeneutic of alterity. A hermeneutic of alterity is the principal theoretical concern, one of a number of “weak strategies” (as Gianni Vattimo would say) that we may explore through a subversive juxtaposition of the overriding assumption of the term “Islamic societies” against the sources of cosmopolitan imagination prevalent in these societies.

1057/9781137301291 30 Being a Muslim in the World root of such unexamined assumptions as “Islamic societies” and subvert it through the active agency of a hermeneutics of alterity. Let me explain this distinction a little further. We must begin by asking ourselves by what authority, that is, through the active agency of what political forces, has the master narrative of “Islamic societies” constituted itself. ” A panoramic view of historical societies in which the Qur’anic memory has played a major role reveals that the holy Muslim scripture had to be staged in the context of other, equally powerful, memories.

Parsing ways between self-mockery and self-celebration, and thus able to laugh at itself freely, oscillating between the opposing ends—two or many—of all manners and metaphors, of all histories and stories, and on the wide and transgressive margins of those enabling doubts that love and hate their certainties with equal passion is where a hermeneutic of alterity rests its case, hangs its cause, places its bets, and feels most at home. , one among many historically conditioned acts of readings), of a lower-cased “hermeneutic” (having no claim to totalizing acts of power-based readings: an act of reading as a simultaneous invitation to others), of “hermeneutic” in the singular (thus denouncing all pretensions of systematicity), and ultimately, by the rhetorical privileging of “alterity,” that is, the anti-metaphysical, anti-epistemological celebration of ironically institutionalizing anti-institutionality.

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