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By Gary L. Graham Ph.D., Fiona A. Reid

Летучие мыши - чрезвычайно интересные животные. К сожалению, некоторые люди излишне боятся летучих мышей. Другие не знают о той важной роли, которую выполняют летучие мыши в природе и о том, как легко некоторые их популяции могут быть уничтожены.

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Howeve r, rabies does not sp read extensively among bats and is only ra rely t ransmitted by bats to othe r kinds of mammals, such as dogs or humans. Fewe r people have died f rom bat rabies during the past 40 yea rs than have died f rom dog bites o r bee stings in a single yea r. The risk of exposu re to rabies could be reduced to nea r ze ro by vaccinating all dogs and cats and by avoiding contact with any wi ld animal that can easily be caught. If a pe rson is bitten by a bat-or by any wild animal-medica l advice should be sought immediately.

Mouse-tailed bats have a unique valve in their nostrils that can be closed at will, possibly to prevent the entry of sand and dust. Quite agile, these bats have maneuvered around the inside of Egyptian pyramids for at least 3,000 years. Their range is from Morocco to India and Sumatra. Greater Mouse-tailed Bats; to 3 in. (75 mm). Pacific Sheath-toiled Bot; to 1 'A in. (45 mm); on small island. Found on the Marianas and Caroline islands. This and a closely related species ore disappearing in many ports of their range.

Just one of these p roducts, the Du rian fruit, contributes $ 120 million each year to the economy of Southeast Asia. Wild varieties of cultivated plants, such as agaves (from which tequila is produced), avocados, bananas, breadf ruit, dates , figs, mangoes, and peaches, depend on bats. These wild plants are used for improving commercial varieties. Insectivorous species play additional economic roles, such as the large-scale p redation of insect pests. After an e radication campaign in Israel killed many insect -eating bats, harmful moth populations are said to have increased.

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