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By Don E. Wilson

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Do bats rather drink blood? how briskly can bats fly? Are they with regards to birds? What are the most important and smallest bats? Why do they reside in colonies?Long the topics of fantasy and superstition, bats were one of the such a lot misunderstood of mammals as a result of their nocturnal conduct, ability for flight, and weird visual appeal. Bats account for almost 1 / 4 of the world's mammal species, but every time they're visible they elevate questions.Seeking to dispel the myths linked to those notable creatures and arguing for his or her key function in a balanced surroundings, Bats in query covers all features of bat biology in a realistic question-and-answer structure. Describing the place bats reside, how they use echolocation to navigate, or even why they grasp the other way up, the publication additionally supplies the conservation prestige of all 925 bat species. the writer strains the evolution of bats and indicates their outstanding range by means of describing all the significant teams when it comes to their assorted physique buildings and habitats. He additionally sheds mild on bats' complicated social structures, notable edition in measurement, and nutrition personal tastes that surround vegetation, bugs and mammals.The publication additionally explores cultural attitudes approximately bats - telling how, till lately, bats have been relegated to the area of vampires and the way they've got emerged to take their position in public understanding as vital and engaging participants of our ecosystems.

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Do Bats Feel Pain? Do Bats Have Enemies? Do Bats Get Sick? 2. BAT EVOLUTION AND DIVERSITY When Did Bats Evolve? Where Are Fossil Bats Found? How Many Species of Bats Are There? What Characterizes the Major Groups of Bats? 3. BATS AND HUMANS Do Bats Fly into People’s Hair? Are Bats a Threat to Humans? Do Bats Carry Diseases? Why Do Bats Like Buildings? What Should I Do If a Bat Gets in My House? How Can Bat Problems Be Avoided? Are There Any Effective Bat Repellents? How Can I Attract Bats? What Should I Do If I Find a Sick Bat?

Although it is fascinating to watch bats as they hang upside down in their roosts, it is on the wing that these animals become truly impressive. If you have ever watched a small bat circling deftly around the trees in your backyard, catching insects on the fly, you must have marveled at its ability to change directions, avoid obstacles, and intercept prey. Flight is the single characteristic that sets bats apart from all other mammals. Bat flight is controlled by the same forces as all other types of flight, including that of airplanes: lift, thrust, and drag.

Middle) A Mexican long-tongued bat, Choeronycteris mexicana. This species has an elongate rostrum to facilitate its nectar-feeding habits. 8. (right) A Leschenault’s rousette, Rousettus leschenaulti, particularly anxious to get on with its meal. This species’ long, thin jaws imply a diet of soft, pulpy fruit. 9). 10). 11). 9. A great striped-faced bat, Vampyrodes caraccioli, perched on a palm frond, eating a ripe fig. These bats carry figs away from the parent tree, eating them in the shelter of palm fronds.

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