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In four of the experiments described by Bertrand, Carré, and Lucam, the inoculated animals were followed for a maximum of only three months—far short of the fourteen or twenty-two months it took for the disease to appear in the ewes inoculated by Cuillé and Chelle. Only one case seemed to contradict their observations: One of the ewes inoculated by Bertrand, Carré, and Lucam was kept under observation for twenty-three months without manifesting the least symptom of scrapie. But even there, a longer observation period might well have yielded the appearance of initial symptoms.

Could there have been uncontrolled differences between the facilities at Compton, where the first series had taken place, and those at the Moredun Institute, which was the site of the second? There could have been other reasons as well. Specifically, the animals used in the attempt to contaminate the others had contracted scrapie experimentally (by inoculation) in the first instance and naturally in the second. Perhaps the two types of scrapie differed in their ability to be transmitted by contagion.

It was known that not only the sister but several other members of Backer’s family had died of the same illness. Under the theory that the disease was genetic in origin, the mutation responsible for it would have to be dominant. But to understand this concept, we must return for a moment to Mendel. Mendel stated that the various traits of a plant or animal were determined by elements now known as genes, which are present, in duplicate, in each of an organism’s cells, apart from in the reproductive cells, which contain only a single example of each gene.

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