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The fundamental instructions of the structural evolution of the outer, center and internal ears in representatives of a large ecological variety of mammals (terrestrial, subterranean, aerial, semi-aquatic and aquatic varieties, together with marine mammals) were traced during this monograph for the 1st time. The large spectrum of the species studied and the appliance of recent anatomical, optical and bio-mechanical equipment allowed the writer to explain formerly unknown structural positive factors of the peripheral a part of the auditory method in animals with a different specialization of listening to. The impact of ecological and evolutionary components at the structural association of the auditory organ was once analyzed. The ecological and morphological procedure used to be beneficial in revealing the truth that the peculiarities within the auditory organ constitution in several mammalian teams have been stipulated by way of the animals' variation to sure acoustic positive factors of habitat. Morphological and sensible variations of the peripheral a part of the auditory method directed to the optimization of auditory sensitivity in several habitats proved to be critical in evolution. specific consciousness was once paid to the fewer greatly studied orders of mammals (pinnipeds, cetaceans), being of curiosity either from the perspective in their echolocation talents (in dolphins) and the impression of water habitat at the morphological model improvement within the constitution of the peripheral a part of the auditory analyzer in semi-aquatic and aquatic species. The booklet is illustrated with plenty of unique micro-photos, photos, drawings and is aimed toward morphologists, zoologists, ecologists and experts, operating within the box of bionics, in addition to scholars and tutors of organic and scientific departments in institutes and universities. Galina N. Solntseva is a Professor on the Laboratory for Bioacoustics within the A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution Russian Academy of Sciences. She is a widely known expert within the box of the evolutionary morphology of listening to. G.N. Solntseva has studied the peripheral a part of the auditory method in representatives of alternative ecological teams of mammals for a few years. She has taken half in different marine expeditions within the Black, Caspian, White Seas and within the Sea of Okhotsk so that it will gather morphological fabric and this has allowed her to collect a special (in phrases of quantity and species variety) choice of morphological fabric on marine mammals. G.N. Solntseva is the writer of greater than 100 clinical works during this box, together with the monograph "The Auditory method of Mammals", issued in 1979 by means of the publishing condo "Nauka".

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Cetaceans (Cetacea): Odontoceti-Delphinidae In dolphins, unlike all species studied, hairs are completely absent, as are the associated alveolar and tubular glands in the skin of the auditory meatus. The proximal part of the auditory meatus is surrounded by a ring, which is composed of glandular tissue. The latter is a complex of poly-alveolar-tubular glands in a bottlenose dolphin and simple alveolar-tubular glands in a common dolphin (Diagram 3; Tables 2, 4). In the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), a multilayer pavement epithelium of the proximal part of the auditory meatus is notable for its significant thickness and rugosity.

Three to six such glands open into every hair follicle. The form of the secretory alveolus of a holocrine gland is mainly cylindrical with an alveolar distal part. However, in the Caspian seal, the glands with a round alveolus predominate. Tubular glands are inherent to the auditory meatus of all species studied (Table 2). Their structure is similar to that of the order Carnivora. Tubular glands lie under hair bulbs; their secretory section is twirled into a tangle. However, unlike Carnivora, in phocids, a narrow duct of a tubular gland does not form widenings and opens into a hair follicle beneath the holocrine gland ducts.

3. Insectivores (Insectivora) The works of Denker [1899]; Bondy [1907]; Frey [1911]; and Doran [1878] concern a description of middle ear structure. In Crocidura, a well-developed long arm knits with tympanic bone. There is a hollow-shaped deepening between the articular surface of the malleus 48 P ART I. P ERIPHERAL P ART OF THE A UDITORY S YSTEM OF M AMMALS IN P OSTNATAL O NTOGENY and the handle of the malleus. The incus is small; its short arm repeats the direction of the long arm of the malleus.

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