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Normally, the equipment is located outside the conditioned area in a basement, penthouse, or service area. The equipment can be adjacent to the primary heating and refrigeration equipment or at considerable distance, with refrigerant, chilled water, hot water, or steam circulated to it for energy transfer. Figure 1 shows a typical draw-through central system that supplies conditioned air to a single zone or to multiple zones. A blowthrough configuration may also be used if space or other conditions dictate.

Steel to support roof-mounted equipment, or a concrete pad and structural steel needed to locate equipment at or near grade) require evaluation. When locating a cooling tower at or near grade, the net positive suction head and overflow of condenser water out of the cooling tower sump should be studied if the tower is below, at, or slightly above the level of the chiller. Numerous variables should be considered when determining the optimum location of a central cooling or heating plant. , oversizing the central plant now for adding more primary equipment later, based on master planning of the facility) • Architectural effect on the site • Location of boiler chimney/flue • Loading dock for materials and supplies • Roadway and parking considerations • Storage of fuel • Electrical transformer location • Underground and/or overhead utility and central cooling and heating system distribution around the central plant and to the building(s) • Wind effect on cooling tower plume or other volatile discharges such as boiler emissions.

Pumps) along with the chilledwater production equipment and distribution infrastructure. Where a boiler installation as well as heating distribution equipment and appurtenances are required, the plant’s physical size increases to account for the type of boiler and required exhaust emissions treatment. Generally, for central heating plants, steam or heating water and chilled-water production systems are separated during design, which may further increase the overall footprint of the plant. The arrangement and strategic location of the mechanical spaces during planning affects the percentage of space required.

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