Ascendancy of the Last (Forgotten Realms: The Lady Penitent, - download pdf or read online

By Lisa Smedman

ISBN-10: 0786948647

ISBN-13: 9780786948642

Is it the tip for the woman Penitent? Is it the tip for Lolth?

Lolth has pop out of hibernation with a plan that could appear too formidable even for her, and to drag it off she'll desire the aid of a drow who's betrayed her once or more already--a drow she's remodeled into the demonic girl Penitent. The stunning end to a trilogy that would switch the Forgotten Realms international eternally.

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Other Characters: Neutral good temples happily house orders of paladins, appreciating them for their dedication to destroying evil. Adventurers with reputations for setting themselves against evil or defending the innocent are welcome in neutral good temples, regardless of their class. Druids sometimes associate with neutral good temples. Church inquisitors and holy liberators may find comfort and support from neutral good churches, but are not normally part of them. Prestigious orders associated with neutral good faiths include arcane archers, contemplatives, divine oracles, hospitalers, hunters of the dead, knights of the middle circle, loremasters, sacred exorcists, sacred fists, shadowdancers, templars, and warpriests.

Domains: Good (cast good spells at 11th caster level), Strength (1/day perform a feat of strength that lasts up to 1 round, activate as free action, Str becomes 23). Possessions: +1 full plate, +1 large steel shield, masterwork heavy mace, light crossbow, 10 normal bolts, scroll of protection from elements, 5 scrolls of cure light wounds, scroll of silence, scroll of neutralize poison, scroll of raise dead, scroll of ethereal jaunt, potion of blur, potion of heroism, potion of levitate, potion of fly, potion of spider climb, cloak of resistance +1, wand of cure light wounds, ring of protection +1, wand of hold person, periapt of Wisdom +2.

Undercleric’s Quarters: Sparsely furnished, this room is where Oberd Mallom sleeps and studies. Besides a bed and a writing desk, the room contains a small altar that rests on the floor to provide a meditation place. 9. Overseer’s Quarters: Ardell Wash lives in this room. It is furnished like room 8. 10. Chief Cleric’s Quarters: Haufn Maerdyl sleeps and works here. Her bed and writing desk are set off from the rest of the room by a long curtain. This room has a small altar like the other clerics’ rooms, but also a round meeting table with four chairs for private meetings and consultations.

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