Are Dolphins Really Smart?: The mammal behind the myth by Justin Gregg PDF

By Justin Gregg

ISBN-10: 019966045X

ISBN-13: 9780199660452

How clever are dolphins? Is their verbal exchange method relatively as complicated as human language? And are they as pleasant and peaceable as they're made out to be?

Justin Gregg weighs up the claims made approximately dolphin intelligence and separates clinical truth from fiction. He offers the result of the newest learn in animal behaviour, and places our wisdom approximately them into viewpoint with comparisons to medical stories of different animals, specifically the crow relatives and nice apes. He offers attention-grabbing debts of the demanding situations of trying out what an animal with flippers and no facial expressions may really be considering. Gregg's evidence-based strategy creates a entire and updated learn of this attention-grabbing animal that allows you to attract all these intrigued by means of dolphin behaviour.

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Consider also that Microchiropteran bats, which echolocate like dolphins, also have brains and 33 A R E DOL PHINS R E A L LY SM A RT? cortical areas highly specialized for processing auditory information. , communication signals). But at present, there’s simply not enough evidence to say with certainty that either of these two popular hypotheses are the primary reasons for the oversized dolphin cortex. Cortex size—like brain size or EQ—is yet another brain metric that does not have universal predictive power where animal cognition is concerned.

65 Characterizing Dolphin Intelligence So just how human-like is the behavior of dolphins, and is it more human-like than that of other species? An answer to this question will tell us whether or not it’s correct to suggest that dolphins are the second most intelligent species after Homo sapiens. I will be looking at the most eye-catching examples of dolphin intelligence that have been cited in popular culture and the media to determine the extent to which these are based on solid scientific evidence.

If you don’t put a lid on top of the bowl, a goldfish will eventually jump out to enlarge the environment it is living in. ”67 De Waal is correct that this strategy for downplaying the behavior of dolphins by citing an example where another species (one putatively considered “dumb”) does something similar or better than dolphins doesn’t suddenly invalidate the body of research showing that dolphins display cognitive complexity in some domains. , similar to humans), and we discover that whatever behavior they are displaying that we once thought of as unique to humans (or unique to dolphins and humans), has also been observed in other species, then we could re-evaluate the trait in question as to if it should remain in our pantheon of intelligent behavior.

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