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By Jakob Bro-Jorgensen, David P. Mallon

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Antelopes represent a primary a part of ecosystems all through Africa and Asia the place they act as habitat architects, dispersers of seeds, and prey for big carnivores. The fascication they carry within the human brain is obvious from prehistoric rock work and historic Egyptian artwork to present day natural world documentaries and recognition in zoos. lately, besides the fact that, the outstanding herds of the previous were decimated or extripated over vast components within the wilds, and pressing conservation motion is required to maintain this global background for generations to come.

As the 1st ebook devoted to antelope conservation, this quantity units out to diagnose the explanations of the drastic declines in antelope biodiversity and in this foundation determine the best issues of motion. In doing so, the e-book covers important matters within the present conservation debate, in particular concerning the administration of overexploitation, habitat fragmentation, ailment transmission, weather switch, populations genetics, and reintroductions. The contributions are authored by way of world-leading specialists within the box, and the e-book is an invaluable source to conservation scientists and practitioners, researchers, and scholars in comparable disciplines in addition to lay humans.

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