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By Ernest D. Olfert (auth.), Alan A. Boulton, Glen B. Baker, Roger F. Butterworth (eds.)

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to the Animal versions Volumes This and a number of other volumes within the Neuromethods sequence will describe a couple of animal versions of neu- psychiatric problems. due to expanding public difficulty over the moral therapy of animals in study, we felt it incumbent upon us to incorporate this normal preface to those volumes so that it will point out why we predict additional learn utilizing animals is important and why animal versions of psychi- ric and neurologic issues, particularly, are so vital. We realize that animals should still in simple terms be used whilst compatible possible choices aren't on hand. we expect it self-e- dent, despite the fact that, that people can in basic terms be experimented upon in critically proscribed situations and substitute seasoned- dures utilizing telephone or tissue tradition are insufficient in any versions requiring tests of behavioral swap or of advanced in vivo techniques. although, while the misery, pain, or ache to the animals outweighs the expected earnings for human welfare, then the learn isn't moral and shouldn't be carried out.

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This had direct implications for neuroscientists, and the matter is still being debated. ” Other methods of killing animals that are often considered in neuropsychiatric research are the use of microwave radiation and rapid freezing (using liquid nitrogen). Both of these methods have important Limitations, and the AVMA Report on Euthanasia (AVMA, 1986) should be consulted by anyone planning the use of these procedures for humanely killing animals. 4. 1. ” Willner (1984) suggests that although these criteria assess face validity (the similarities to the disease), there is also the predictive valid- Ethics of Animal Models 19 ity and construct validity to consider.

The first is by comparison to commercially available stereotaxic charts. This method often produces incomplete, asymmetrical areas of cell loss, and the lesioned area often includes nearby structures, including the lateral hypothalamus, amygdala, and thalamus. Injury to these regions can have significant effects on behavior and can undermine the validity of the preparation. Second, the location of various adjacent brain structures can be identified on the basis of their patterns of electrophysiological activity.

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