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Fire*WoIf stood stock-still for a moment, attempting to evaluate his position. The berserkers, now mercifully rare, were a bane in the kingdom, followers of an ancient cult which trained them in the martial arts and fed them a porridge brew of alcohol and ivy The drug-induced frenzy made them fearsome, fearless fighters and, some said, increased both stamina and physical strength. If these are, as he suspects, berserkers, Fire*Wolf may be in real trouble facing three of them. If he attempts to fight his way through, go to 140.

A brutally frustrating predicament and one which only you can solve for our hero. The only real answer is to backtrack (as far as necessary) to discover where the missing piece lies hidden. 153 He was in an empty courtyard, desolate and silent, the paving stones broken and strewn with rubble. Grass and weeds had invaded here, and the walls around him were crumbling. Broken doorways, like the gap teeth of a shattered mouth, led west, north and east. Fire*wolf continues, following his plan. 154 As Fire*Wolf struck the final, fatal blow, the dragon disappeared: no blood, no corpse, no indication whatsoever that it had ever been.

IN CRYPTS CONCEALED IS POWER REVEALED... well, well, well. And the whole thing is obviously a key of some description since it fits perfectly the impression in the wall. Should Fire*Wolf try to use it! Should he heck as not! Take a deep breath and go to 241. 173 A wave of nostalgia struck him as he entered. Even in its ruined state, the aura of his father clung to the chamber like a heady perfume. The old Lord Xandine had lived for sorcery and the foundation of his powers was learning. As Fire*Wolf recalled it, many rooms of the castle had been lined with books, ancient tomes of forbidden knowledge, half-forgotten spell scrolls, shelves which bore the weight of arcane knowledge.

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