Padmasiri De Silva's An Introduction to Buddhist Psychology and Counselling: PDF

By Padmasiri De Silva

ISBN-10: 1137287543

ISBN-13: 9781137287540

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ISBN-13: 9781137287557

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This e-book, now in its 5th variation, presents a accomplished advent to Buddhist psychology and counselling, exploring key strategies in psychology and functional functions in mindfulness-based counselling options utilizing Buddhist philosophy of brain, psychology, ethics and contemplative methods.

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A-sota) It is important to note that 26 centuries ago the Buddha discerned the mind as a dynamic process: a stream of consciousness rather than a static entity. The term sam . a, translated as ‘re-linking consciousness’, is used to refer to the survival factor that links one life and another. In general, consciousness is the influx conditioned by a causal pattern in a dynamic continuum. It is also referred to as a stream of becoming (bhava-sota). The evolving consciousness that continues The Psychology of Motivation 37 maintains its dynamism because it is nourished by craving.

In a broader sense this proclivity may be understood in terms of what Freud described as the ‘pleasure principle’ – the natural proneness of man to seek pleasure and be repelled by pain. It is necessary to emphasise that this drive for pleasure goes beyond mere genital pleasure, and accounts for such manifestations as the craving for excitement and for constant diversion, moving from one object to another, which the Buddha described as tatra tatr¯abhinandini (finding delight now here, now there).

Aggression and self-hatred mingle with our love of life. The Buddha would consider the self-destructive urge as more ‘reactive’ than ‘appetative’ and in this context appears to be different from the Freudian position. h¯a as two sides of the same coin – contrasting attitudes of a man bound to craving. 22 Compared with the drive for sensuous pleasures and egoistic behaviour, the desire for annihilation is puzzling, and it has number of contexts which helps us to understand its complexity. It may arise with a carefree pleasure lover personified in Kierkegaard’s image of Don Juan, who sees death as the end of life: a hedonist and materialist; a man full of anxieties and unending worries courting ‘sweet death’, and falls into the delusion of not seeing the continuity of life in a long sam .

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