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Maximum, 38 %. In" the case of aluminium in thin sheets as compared with thick, (i) The cold work, whatever its amount, is more homogeneous throughout the thickness. (ii) The effect of annealing is more complete. 5 mm. thick) 100 200 300 400 500 Temperature FIG. F I G . 6. —Variation in Mechanical Properties on Annealing different T e m p e r a t u r e s after 50 % Cold W o r k . T E S T S O K T B A N S Y E R S E T h e Tensile Strength a n d T E S T at P I E C E S . Elastic Limit are little affected the direction in which the test pieces are cut, but, o n the hand, 15 to the 20 Elongation %.

SAINT-JEAN—CYLINDRICAL DAM. WORKS AT SAINT-JEAN—AQUEDUCT ACROSS THE ARC. To face page^l 3 PLATE III. ENGINE-ROOM AT CALYPSO. WORLD'S PRODUCTION IS ALUMINA W O K K S . The alumina works are situated near the bauxite beds in Herault, Var, and Bouches-du-Rhone, at Gardanne and L a Barasse (Bouches-du-Rhone) and at Salindres (Gard). (b) Great Britain. Output about 6000 tons. There are two companies :— (i) The British Aluminium Company (Scotland a n d Norway), (ii) The Aluminium Corporation (works a t Dolgarrog, North Wales).

Gauge l e n g t h = V 6 6 : 6 7 i = 3 6 m m . TYPE I C . (Length 100 m m . Between shoulders -J Breadth 20 mm. (Thickness 1-5 m m . Area of cross section 30 sq. mm. Gauge l e n g t h = v / 6 6 * 6 7 s = 4 5 mm. * These values are only approximate. , and the exact cross section calculated from these figures. 20 ALUMINIUM AND ITS ALLOYS ID. [Length 100 mm. Between shoulders \ Breadth 20 mm. [Thickness 2 mm. Area of cross section 40 sq. mm. Gauge length= ^ Thick Series TYPE II. [Length 100 mm. Between shoulders J Breadth 15 mm.

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