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By Willard A. Palmer

ISBN-10: 0882846167

ISBN-13: 9780882846163

Even if this sequence of books will not exchange a skilled instructor, when you've got a hankering to ultimately manage to play that piano (or keyboard) that is been placing round your home perpetually, this sequence will do the trick. you will not finally end up enjoying whatever that threatens the location of the nice piano maestros of our day, yet you'll decide up chords and a melody and make a tune sound such as you want it to.

This sequence is dependent upon child steps to coach you a key, or a method, or a suite of chords. You play a few basic routines, then a track or that emphasizes what you could have simply discovered within the routines. every now and then you succeed in a degree the place you are prepared to tackle a small tune booklet. i like to recommend that you just get the tune books too and play through them whenever you succeed in a type of degrees.

If you really need to profit to play the piano, ensure you can allot no less than a part hour an afternoon to perform, and an hour is healthier. At that expense in a truly few weeks time you may provoke friends and family, and perhaps play the tune for making a song carols at a Christmas party. :-) remark | Permalink

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OW " I -- --' I - -/. -" ~: J. 36 The G Major & D7 Chords for Right Hand G MAJOR G 1 G D7 5 5 4 1 1 Practice changing trom the G chord to the D7 chord and back again: 1. 5 plays D in bath chords. 2. 4 plays C in the D7 chord. 3. Only 1 moves out ot G POSITION (down to F#) tor D7. G 07 G ~~~II~~~~~$~~~ ~5 ~ 5':1= 3 4 1 .. 3 1 1 Play several times: ~ 'i====:t~#:~ ,115 G D7 3 1 4 1 G D7 11 I I G #:~ . 11 I Block Chords & Broken Chords When all three notes ot a chord are played together, it is cal led a BLOCK chord.

Moderately slow F Move LH to C POSITION! 1 ~ 3 5 Return LH to MIDDLE C POSITION! 2 Move LH to C POSITION! . 2nd time ritardando* - - 1':"'1 . 2 5 *ritardando means gradually slowing. 48 lntroducing Dotted Quarter N otes A DOT INCREASES THE LENGTH OF A NOTE BV ONE HALF lTS VALUE. d A datted half nate is equal to a halt note tied to aquarter note. J 2 + 1 COUNTS COUNT A datted quarter nate is equal to a J quarter note tied to an eighth note. 1 COUNT j, + 1/2 = J. = 3 COUNTS J. = = COUNT 1 1/2 COUNTS Clap (or tap) the tollowing rhythm.

Triads in ROOT POSITION (with root at the bottom) always look like this: LlNE LlNE :::1:= LlNE or this: 3rd 5th SPACE ROOT =ft= SPACE 5th 3rd ROOT Triads may be built on any note of any scale. TRIADS BUILT ON THE C MAJOR SCALE Play with RH: 5 3 ~~i 5 3 5 3 Ü ~ ~~. § I1 § {1 ;; U 11 i ft i ft i ~ ~ ~ 5 5 5 with :L:H: etc. Listen carefully to the sound of these root position triads! When you name the notes of any TRIAD IN ROOT POSITION, you will always skip ONE letter of the musical alphabet between each note.

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