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3 lb 3. From the basic drag expression, which can be written by use of Eq. 9 a value in agreement with calculations above. 4. The calculated relationships for Dmin and for VDmin can be read directly off the graph. Also shown are induced drag Di ϭ 2kW 2 ␳0V E2 S and the parasite drag Dp ϭ 1 ␳ V2C S 2 0 E D0 for a weight of 10,000 lb. The influence of increased weight is also shown for 12,000 and 14,000 lb. 3 Flight Envelope: Vmax, Vmin Returning to the original purpose of this chapter, to determine the maximum and minimum velocities, it is necessary to consider the thrustdrag or power balance of the aircraft.

7 psia, 59 F, 1 atm, 15 C). Since most flights take place in nonstandard conditions, corrections are made to IAS such that EAS represents that flight speed at standard sea level (std sl) with the same free stream dynamic pressure as the actual flight condition (Eq. 9). Finally, the true airspeed (TAS) is obtained when the EAS is corrected for density altitude (see Appendix A for atmospheric properties data): V ϭ TAS ϭ where ␴ is the density ratio ␳ / ␳0. 2 STALLING SPEED 23 Since the density depends on both pressure and temperature, and since CAS is corrected for pressure altitude, local sea-level pressure and temperature are needed to determine TAS from EAS (or CAS).

Introducing VE in Eq. 11) Eq. 11 states that, for a given wing loading W/S, the equivalent stall speed is a function of the maximum lift coefficient (attitude), for all altitudes. The significance of this result is that, for a given aircraft, CL max can be determined once and for all for any given combination of flaps and/or slats, and VEs can be calculated. Since, for a reasonably good instrument and installation, indicated airspeed (IAS) is almost equal to EAS, the aircraft will always stall at approximately the same IAS, which knowledge is of practical use to the pilot.

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