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The philosophy of the humanistic sciences has been a blind-spot in analytic philosophy. This booklet argues that by means of adopting a suitable pragmatic research of rationalization and interpretation it really is attainable to teach that clinical perform of humanistic sciences may be understood on comparable traces to clinical perform of average and social sciences.

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But not in the way that hermeneutists and the neo-Kantians saw it. Different sciences study different kinds of phenomena. We knew this, of course, well in advance. But this difference does not imply that we cannot use a third person perspective to characterize human actions and the product of these actions of which we are directly aware in our experience of the human world. The point is that the norms of a culture 46 After Postmodernism are as much directly experienced parts of cultural phenomena as, say, the mass of a body is directly experienced in the phenomena of physics.

This has happened through a long historical process which gradually infiltrated human culture. The issues which the human sciences are working with can be characterized as those phenomena that arise in the interrelationship between intentions, behaviour, opinion, and norms. Intention and behaviour belong to individuals, while linguistic meaning and norms belong to the community. The interaction between these four aspects of human existence, made through a long historical process which creates cultural diversity, serves as the area of humanistic research.

It cannot describe the numerous sorts of cultural objects or the communication processes taking place between many brains at once. It may be that it cannot even be used to describe exclusively the physical side of these processes. We must use other concepts than those of the neuroscientists to understand the behavioural and linguistic connections between people who at any time form a community and sustain a culture. The reason for such a naturalized but non-reductive view is that evolutionary biology and the cognitive sciences may explain the biological capacity of language, norms and values, and may even identify actual brain states with a particular cognitive content, but these disciplines cannot explain why an individual person, or a group of persons, speaks a certain language rather than another, holds particular norms and values rather than others.

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