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Why do political philosophers turn away from politics? Glen Newey deals a tough and unique critique of liberalism, the dominant political philosophy of our time, tackling such key concerns as nation legitimacy, value-pluralism, neutrality, the character of politics, public cause, and morality in politics. examining significant liberal theorists, Newey argues that liberalism bypasses politics since it ignores or misunderstands human motivation, and elevates educational systembuilding over political realities of clash and gear.

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I will, nonetheless, argue that the thesis is self-defeating, insofar as it aims to provide an explanatory claim about political disagreement. The alleged contestability of the political itself, I will suggest afterwards, can be given a different explanation. I will take the essential contestability thesis as the following claim: ECT: There are certain key concepts in political argument, which are essentially such that they both (a) admit of a variety of interpretations, and (b) are disputable.

What that space would contain, were it filled, would be philosophical reflection on the nature of politics as it is practised. 16 Like metaphysics, politics provides materials for descriptive philosophical analysis, some of which I shall consider later in this chapter. This is not to say that philosophers can look on the phenomena with the normatively unclouded eye of classical empiricism. 17 But even if there is no descriptive project which can coherently dispense with normative assumptions, that project will still be quite different from that of most current disciplinary practice.

Suppose that parties to a dispute about the concept both meet the same set of possession-conditions of the concept. They will, nevertheless, differ in linguistic and other dispositions, such as patterns of assent to sample propositions referring to the concept under dispute, or the referent of the concept. But then for each disputant we can extrude a distinct concept, so defined that its possession-conditions are such as to duplicate exactly those of the concept to which the disputant refers – the concept in question simply being defined as that whose possession-conditions give rise to the differential patterns of assent and dissent.

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