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66 Shear Stresses in Bending and Shear Deflections [ch. 2 Now from vertical equilibrium considerations, the resisting shearing force in the web = F: 30kN. 23. Shearing forces on chaDnel section. 8 SHEAR CENTRE POSITION F'OR A THIN-WALLED CURYED SECTION Determine the shear centre position for the thin-walled curved section shown in Fig. A, which is of constant thickness t. lF I S Fig. 24. Thif,-walled curved section. 8 ch. e. 8) The shear flow in the section is shown in Fig. 25, where the magnitude and directions of the arrows are intended to give a measure of the magnitude and direction of the intemal resisting shearing stresses.

11. l1. 3 YERTICAL SHEARING STRESS DISTRIBUTION IN A TRIANGULAR SECTION Calculate and sketch the distribution of vertical shearing stress triangular section of Fig. 12. T I T 2$ H=3m -r I T IN 'tm I a=2m ____-____+1 Fig. 12. Triatrgular s€ction in the Ch. 2 At any distance y above NA in the triangular section of Fig. 12. d,.. )' -" ' r! s ' _ - tz_ ,.. 111y3)l 0. 7) has three roots, but for this case, the root of interest is the lowest positive root, which can be obtained by the Newton Raphson [2] iterative process, as follows: ttit f(v,,l - lti- rt - -7ill--l J Wi- l) Shear Stresses inBending and Shear Deflections 56 [ch.

Let, sub-sub-element z : shearing stress on the face ABCD Resolving horizontally, "*6*6*: f do * a,t :JldM*y*d,A 1 where, dA:Z*dy dMll but, ':E ' dM dx :f: 1n oo sneanng lorce at x 48 Shear Stresses in Bending and Shear Deflections [ch. 4 I- : hrst moment of area of the section aboue the plane ABCD, and about the neutral axis. NA. Owing to complementary shearing stresses [1], the shearing stress on the face ABCD will be accompanied by three other shearing stresses of the same magnitude, as shown in Fig.

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