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By Pigott R., Power Ch.

Includes over 50 entries on all presently cloned and characterised telephone adhesion molecules, together with the households of: integrins, cadherins, selectins, individuals of the immunoglobulin superfamily and different suitable receptors.Provides info on: replacement nomenclature, tissue distribution and legislation of expression, ligands, gene supplier and chromosomal position, protein constitution and molecular weights, amino acid series of the main more often than not studied organisms, Pir, Swissprot and Embl/GenBank accession numbers, organic functionality, key references.

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JETP 38 (1974) 1238. : Phys. Lett. 44A (1973) 13. : J. Phys. Chem. Solids 34 (1973) 223. : Solid State Commun. 13 (1973) 1219. : Physica 69 (1973) 67. : J. Phys. Sot. Jpn. 34 (1973) 346. : Phys. Rev. B7 (1973) 3314. : Physica 65 (1973) 208; and 63 (1973) 191. : Solid State Commun. 13 (1973) 303. : J. Phys. 35 (1974) 385. : Solid State Commun. 15 (1974) 1711. : Solid State Commun. 14 (1974) 187. : Phys. Lett. A50 (1974) 51. : J. Phys. Sot. Jpn. 39 (1975) 42. : J. Phys. C8 (1975) 1059. : J. Phys.

6” away from the crystallographic axis in the ac plane [67Sl; LBII/8, p. SSO]. 60 80 K 100 T- Fig. 71. Fe&. 2Hz0. Molar magnetic susceptibility along the CI,b and b axes vs. temperature. The CIaxis lies in the ac plane and makes an angle of 32” with the c axis. The /I axis lies in the UCplane being orthogonal to the tl axis [65N]. 2H,O FeCL,*ZH,O 83 r G3 0 r - 5.! Fl [Ref. p. ’ Fig. 73. FeCl, . 2HZ0. The spin structures appearing in magnetic field. This figure shows the projection of the spin arrangements on the ab plane.

T P. 6H20 Fig. F. +- P. 6D,O (Fig. 85, Table 5a) CoBrz . 2H20 (Fig. F. c P. 0 K C60Hl MnClz. F. c P. F. t P. 1 t P. 539” [67Ml] CoBr, . 6H20 (Figs. -. 6H20 NiF2. 2H,O (Figs. 246” [67M2] NiClz . 4Hz0 (Figs. 93 ... 95) Critical temperature Monoclinic MnC12. Hz0 c72pi Figs. 5” [73Ml; LBII/12a, p. F. + P. F. spin flop transition Fig. 95 [74P; LBII/12a, p. 99(1) K [73Ml; LBII/12a, p. 3211 [74P; LBII/12a, p. 6271 spin (1c WGI Ordered moment @ $i -0: NiCla-6HaO (Figs. 96 ... 18 WRI - 10K C59W see also Table 5a NiBr, .

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