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By Lisa Smedman, TSR Inc

ISBN-10: 1560768339

ISBN-13: 9781560768333

Rear conceal notes: "There are a few things that mere mortals have been by no means intended to know....In the area of Lamorida, health care professional Victor Mordenheim created Adam - cobbling the creature jointly from elements of human corpses. Now, years later, Adam desires revenge. Adam desires Elise, Victor's spouse. Adam desires Victor lifeless. The participant characters' send founders at the coast of the area of Lamordia. A vicious typhoon leaves them washed ashore, chilly and hungry at the ice-bound Isle of Agony....Then the phobia begins...."

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The marilith is capable of climbing up the mine shafts and slithering through the short tunnels that connect them. ) While she is burrowing, the ground trembles and dirt and rocks rain down from the ceilings of the mine tunnels, and a rumbling growl fills the mine. PCs should be led to believe that death is imminent-that the beast is an unstoppable monster that will pursue them without pause. But although the marilith will chase the PCs for a short time, it will ultimately reach the limits of its confinement in the mine’s narrow tunnels, and Baltoi (True Tanar’ri-Marilith): Genius ( 18); AL CE; AC -9; MV 15; HD 24; THACO 9; #AT 7 ; Dmg 4-24 (tail) and 6 by weapon; SA +2 or better weapon to hit, never surprised, spell immunity; MR 70%;S Z H (20’ long); ML far 2 (18);XP 45,000.

The seawolves are friendly with Adam and serve as his eyes and ears, warning him when strangers come to the island. Occasionally, T The seawolves approach the PCs cautiously, trying to gauge their strength. Their ultimate goal is to kill the party and steal anything of value, but they are under orders from Adam, who is seeking revenge for the rescue of Elise, to first learn who the PCs are and what they are doing on the island. The seawolves greet the PCs in human form. They pretend to be shipwrecked sailors who have survived by hunting and fishing.

Killing them doesn't earn the PCs any experience points, but it is cause for a powers check. maddened animals that have taken over t 19) Walkway: A crenelated waikw excellent view of the nds of the estate. staircase lies at each The crenelated walkway was used for observation by the militia members who guarded the baron. It gives access to the rooftop over the dining Kall, the corners of which bulge out into decorative turrets. Stairs connect the walkway with the barracks that housed the militia.

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