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By C. A. Spinage

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Study Area 45 elephants. Hippopotamuses were numerous along the lake shore, but 171 were removed in culling operations. Large numbers of kob were present in the south-east (Fig. 16). As a contrast, a low density area was studied known by the name of the "Royal Circuit Area". Its main topographical differences were that a part became waterlogged during the rains, and that there was an extensive cover oilmperata cylindrica. Buffalo were the most numerous occupants, numbering up to 600 head, and up to 100 hippopotamuses occupied the waterlogged area during the wet seasons.

But in studies conducted in the adjacent Kibale Forest Reserve, Wing and Buss (1970) found that only 20% of all trees and shrubs showed some sign of consumption by elephants, and that this did not represent over-use. Study Area 35 Four main vegetation communities can be found in the Park: bushed grasslands, thicket, Acacia woodland, and semi-deciduous forest. The bushed grasslands occur on the slopes of the Crater Highlands, in the central region of the Park around the Kazinga Channel and the two lakes, and in the southern extremity.

12. ) of the Rwenzori National Park. Lakes are shown stippled. The mean maximum annual temperature at Mweya, from 1955 to 1961, was 28-7°C, and the minimum was i8'3°C. The highest temperature recorded during this period was 35'8°C, and the lowest i2*3°C. The dry seasons would undoubtedly have a much greater desiccating effect than they do, both upon soil and vegetation alike, if it was not for the dense pall of smoke created by the country-wide grass fires, which at times completely blocks out insolation.

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