Download PDF by Lavekar, G.S. and Menon, T.V. and Central Council for: A Practical Handbook of Panchakarma Procedures

By Lavekar, G.S. and Menon, T.V. and Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (India)

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Whereas for Machiavelli, Christian principles are viewed as an obstacle to political action, for Utopians like More or Campanella and for chroniclers such as Peter Martyr, Las Casas, Quiroga, and the Jesuit missionaries of the Paraguayan Reductions, Christian morality is the "conditio sine qua non" for political action. In this respect Montaigne holds an intermediate position between Peter Martyr and Las Casas, on the one hand, and Machiavelli, Oviedo and Sepulveda, on the other. " Montaigne disagrees with Machiavelli on moral grounds.

The concept of history is closely related to the question of the language in which it is written. In fact, in order to fully understand what idea of history is dominant in the chronicles of America and what values guided the early chroniclers in their composition one must turn, again, to the work of the first chronicler, Peter Martyr. He not only established a certain linguistic tradition, but with it gave a certain ideological interpretation which made its impact felt for centuries, especially in relation to the theme of the noble savage.

This criterion would certainly allow for the inclusion, among the sources of the Essais, of the De Orbe Novo, for two reasons: first, chronological considerations and, second, the content of both works, which we will study in this chapter using a textual comparison. The De Orbe Novo was published several times in Paris before 1588, date of publication of the fourth and definitive edition of the Essais. In fact, in 1587, Hakluyt, the apologist of English imperialism, had published in Paris the first complete edition of the De Orbe Novo which had appeared outside of Spain, undoubtedly attracted by the clear denunciation expressed by Peter Martyr against the methods of the conquest.

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A Practical Handbook of Panchakarma Procedures by Lavekar, G.S. and Menon, T.V. and Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha (India)

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