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By Stella McKay-Moffat

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This e-book is written with either measure and degree pupil midwives in brain. it really is break up into sections, each one alphabetical. the 1st part includes many of the language of midwifery: phrases, abbreviations and definitions. the second one part comprises universal stipulations, strategies, emergency occasions, and assisting details. concerning the authors; Foreword by way of Dame Lorna Muirhead, DBE, President of the Royal collage of Midwives 1997-2004; Preface; part 1: The Language of Midwifery; part 2: fast Reference themes; Figures: Flow/action charts; 1.1, 1.2, 1.3: supply of occipito-posterior place; 2.1, 2.2, 2.3: supply of face presentation; 3.1: general haemoglobin Composition; 3.2.1, 3.2.2: basic grownup haemoglobins; 3.3: general Fetal haemoglobin; 3.4.1, 3.4.2: Sickle mobile haemoglobins; 3.5.1, 3.5.2: Alpha thalassaemia; 3.6.1, 3.6.2: Beta thalassaemia; four: Heel prick websites; 5.1 to 5.9: Placenta forms

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Ensure appropriate drug / dosage – check by trained staff Draw up aseptically / place in receiver Prepare needle and syringe for injection Swab skin prn Insert needle and withdraw plunger to ensure no blood Administer drug Observe for effect Record appropriately Controlled drug: Two staff members to check ampoule / tablets Count stock remaining – record in controlled drugs book At woman’s bedside check ID labels / seek consent Drug administered as previously Record drug given in case notes / on prescription sheet Record in controlled drugs book as given and witnessed Observe / record effects of medication ADMISSION IN LABOUR * 23 Intravenous injections: Check drug details / dilution / infusion Check fluid / equipment Two staff members identify client / seek consent Ensure appropriate drug / dosage Draw up aseptically Administer at prescribed rate, usually through cannula port; sometimes directly IV Observe / record effects of medication (NB onset likely to be rapid) Record drug given in case notes / on prescription sheet Adding to infusion bag: As for IV injection but: (i) stop infusion (ii) add to bag and shake (iii) label correctly (iv) check infusion rate for administration (v) recommence at given rate Giving via a syringe driver: As for IV injection but: (i) make volume up with suitable dilution prn (ii) prime infusion tube before measuring the barrel length of medication to be infused (iii) set rate according to prescribed dose / maker’s instructions (iv) set / check rate with prescription sheet – start the pump (v) check pump, cannula, tubing at least 4-hourly Student activity: Ensure you have a copy of Guidelines for the Administration of Medicines (NMC 2002); and Midwives’ Rules and Standards (NMC 2004b) Note your unit policy on drug administration and standing orders Further reading: Dimond 2002 Chapter 20 Admission in labour Aim: Ascertain physical condition Determine whether labour established Alleviate fear / anxiety Facilitate care planning Offer support prn 24 * ADOPTION Preparation: Ensure privacy Read woman’s hand-held notes / case record Ensure maternal / fetal monitoring equipment available Action: Follow recorded special instructions Perform quick assessment – is delivery imminent?

The Act ‘tightens up’ loopholes so that children do not get lost in the system and are not moved from one carer to another unnecessarily. Amniocentesis (not a midwife’s procedure) Aim: Aseptic removal of liquor sample for investigation Reassure mother / allay fears Prevent Rhesus incompatibility Preparation: Explain procedure to woman / partner Obtain consent Ultrasound room ready Ensure client privacy / safety Trolley prepared: (i) correct pack (ii) needles and syringes (iii) sample bottles (iv) local anaesthetic (v) dressings / plastic spray (vi) cleansing solution (vii) necessary request forms Observations of mother / fetus prior to procedure Action: Assist doctor with equipment preparation Reassure mother, act as advocate prn Assist doctor with procedure prn Observe mother / fetus following procedure Keep accurate records Give IM anti-D immunoglobulin 250 IU if Rhesus negative / status unknown Escort to ward / couch for rest / observation Inform woman of signs / symptoms of miscarriage and action to take if present 28 * ANAEMIA Student activity: List indications for performing amniocentesis Anaemia A deficiency in the quality or quantity of the red blood cells (rbc) (erythrocytes), and therefore in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

Zygote – the cell formed when the nuclear materials of the ovum and sperm unite Quick Reference Topics 2 This section of the book contains an alphabetical list of a wide variety of quick reference topics from basic midwifery and nursing procedures to obstetric and medical conditions, including emergency situations that may occur during the childbearing continuum. g. Down’s syndrome, and support services. Abdominal palpation Aim: Assess uterine growth Determine fetal number, lie, presentation, position, attitude Assess presenting part engagement Locate / count fetal heart Reassure the mother Preparation: Inform woman of procedure, gain consent Ensure her bladder is empty Expose abdomen from xiphisternum to pubic hair line Wash hands / stand on the woman’s right Action: Inspection – size, shape, scars, skin changes, FM Palpate fundal height – often measured with a tape from symphysis to fundus Chart fundal height (Gardosi and Francis 1999; NICE 2003) Fundal palpation – ?

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