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By E. F. Schumacher

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E F Schumacher asserts that it's the activity of philosophy to supply a map of lifestyles and information which shows an important gains of existence of their right prominence. The questions: How am I to behavior my existence? what's the nature of paintings and nature? what's the that means of faith? are restored are restored to sunlight on Schumacher's map of lifestyles via his maxim 'if doubtful exhibit it prominently. ' technology is hence restored to its domestic territory and its growing to be imperialism over the fields is reserved.

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There are still numerous forces of necessity, accumulated in the past, which determine his actions; but a small dent is being made, a tiny change of direction is being introduced. It may be virtually unnoticeable, but many moments of self-awareness can produce many such changes and even turn a given movement into the opposite of its previous direction. To ask whether the human being has freedom is like asking whether man is a millionaire. He is not, but can become, a millionaire. He can make it his aim to become rich; similarly, he can make it his aim to become free.

A g a i n it is n o t w r o n g , o n l y t h e b o o k can m e a n m o r e . It m a y m e a n a series of l e t t e r s a r r a n g e d a c c o r d i n g t o c e r t a i n r u l e s . T h i s is t h e b o o k o n a h i g h e r level o f significance t h a n t h e s a v a g e ' s . . O r finally, o n a still h i g h e r level, t h e b o o k m a y be a n expression of m e a n i n g . . x In all these cases the 'sense data' are the same; the facts given to the eye are identical. Not the eye, only the mind, can determine the 'grade of significance'.

Because of the power of selfawareness (z), his faculties are indeed infinite; they are not narrowly determined, confined, or 'programmed', as one says today. Werner Jaeger expressed a profound truth in the statement that, once a human potentiality is 31 realised, it exists. The greatest human achievements define man - not the common run, not any average behaviour or performance, and certainly not anything that can be derived from the observation of animals. 'All men cannot be outstanding,' says Dr Catherine Roberts, Yet all men, through knowledge of superior humanness, could know what it means to be a human being and that they too have a contribution to make.

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