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By Jay Dearborn Edwards, Nicolas Kariouk Pecquet Du Bellay De Verton, William R. Brockway, Charles Funderburk

ISBN-10: 0807127647

ISBN-13: 9780807127643

All through Louisiana’s colonial and postcolonial sessions, there developed a hugely really good vocabulary for describing the region’s constructions, humans, and cultural landscapes. This creolized language a distinct blend of localisms and phrases borrowed from French, Spanish, English, Indian, and Caribbean resources constructed to fit the multiethnic wishes of settlers, planters, explorers, developers, surveyors, and govt officers. this present day this old vernacular is usually opaque to those that have to comprehend its meanings, yet with A Creole Lexicon, Jay Edwards and Nicholas Kariouk supply a hugely equipped source for its restoration. Newly produced diagrams and drawings, in addition to unique reproductions, and 16 topic indexes assist in making this a useful reference for exploring and keeping Louisiana’s cultural historical past.

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Malapropism from esselier modeled on F aisselle, armpit. A hanging knee or haunch; thus, a brace. In Norman French carpentry, a timber brace, often curved, that supports a horizontal beam from below, particularly a collar beam, springing from the truss blade (arbalétrier). , in Austerlitz Plantation House in Pointe Coupée Parish. In Creole vernacular carpentry it is always straight. It should not be confused with the jambe de force, which springs from a tie beam and supports the truss blade or the collar beam.

A still of red copper (Price & Cruzat 1926:447, 489). alameda (Sp n, f). From Celtic-based Sp alamo, the poplar tree, or in the American West, the cottonwood tree. Thus, a shaded walk or promenade. See paseo1. alarife (Sp n, m). Mudéjar: master builder, architect. A related title: maestro arquitecto. See aparejador, maestro de obras. albañil (Sp, SpC n, m). 1) Cuba: a brick house. Sp albañilería, a brickworks. See brique, briqueterie. 2) A mason or bricklayer (Gosner 1996:411). alberca (Sp n, f).

He was expected to render justice speedily, and his sentences could not be appealed (Din 1996:146). See cabildo, escribano, regidor. alcalde de barrio (Sp n, m). Spanish colonial New Orleans, 1779–: the commissioner of a ward (district) of the city— a city official (Din 1996b:145). alcayata (de contraventana) (SpC n, f). A wall hook (shutter hook). See crochet de contrevent. alcoba, alcoba de huéspedes (Sp n, f). Arabic al-quibba, vault or dome. Bedroom, guest bedroom, a small room set next to the sala.

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