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This thesis describes longitudinal nuclear leisure measurements of stable 129Xe close to seventy seven ok with formerly not possible reproducibility, and demonstrates variations in rest, based upon the best way the forged is condensed. those effects are without delay appropriate to the new release and garage of huge amounts of hyperpolarized 129Xe for varied purposes, reminiscent of lung magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The thesis incorporates a refined theoretical method of those information units, together with alterations to a well-established Raman-phonon scattering concept which may clarify the bigger scatter in and discrepancies with past work.

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From the treatment of the theory of symmetry presented by Landau and Lifshitz [6], a sum is done over the group of all symmetry transformations of the cube, Oh . , Oh = O ×Ci . The group Ci contains two elements: the identical transformation E and the inversion I . The operation I is defined as I = C2 σH , where CN is the operation of rotation through an angle 2π/n about a given axis and σh is a reflection in a plane perpendicular to a given axis. The group O contains 24 elements, and is composed of fourth-order rotations C4 having axes that pass through the centers of opposite faces (9 elements), third-order rotations C3 having axes through opposite corners (8 elements), second-order rotations C2 having axes through the midpoints of opposite edges (6 elements), and the identity E.

1 Foundations of Theory and Experiment The spin-rotation interaction is originally proposed to account for gaseous 129 Xe longitudinal relaxation by Adrian in his thesis work, where he deemed the mechanism too weak to cause the relaxation [61]. In 1963, Torrey reconsiders and popularizes the idea of the spin-rotation interaction to describe experimental relaxation times of gaseous and liquid 129 Xe [62] that are observed by Streever, Hunt, and Carr [63, 64]. These papers serve to rule out the direct-dipolar interaction between nuclei (using the method of Bloembergen, Purcell, and Pound [65]) to account for the relaxation mechanism in liquid 129 Xe.

Paramagnetic antishielding is discussed in Fitzgerald et al. [92], but it is determined that this mechanism only plays a role in relaxation when extremely large magnetic fields are applied (≈ 80 T) and is therefore neglected here. 2 History of the Problem 25 xenon are also discussed and it is determined that this theory predicts T1S (T1 due to spin-rotation coupling) to be the same for single-crystal samples as for polycrystalline samples [94]. 19) where K is the nuclear spin operator of the 129 Xe atom and N is the angular momentum of a 129 Xe-Xe pair rotating about a common axis.

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